About Celuk Viilage - Celuk Bali Silver Class

Celuk Village in Bali is a traditional village located near Ubud in the Gianyar Regency, where you can appreciate the mountainous culture that bears many similarities to the traditional Ubud area and other surrounding villages, except for one main factor. Celuk Village is renowned for its exceptional gold and silver craftsmanship. Its location is strategically situated, approximately 30 minutes or 15 km northeast of Denpasar and Sanur.


This village in Gianyar produces renowned silver craft productions, making it a tourist destination synonymous with being a prominent silver producer on the island of Bali. Not only does the village specialize in silver craftsmanship, but it also boasts remarkable gold craftsmanship, and these artistic creations have gained popularity even internationally.

Nearly all Celuk residents are gold and silver craftsmen who are skilled, creative, and innovative in developing design creations and variations related to gold and silver craftsmanship. The products have entered the local and national markets, extending even to the international market.

It is not surprising that Celuk Village in Gianyar has become a popular tourist destination, especially for those who appreciate silver jewelry. Every day, the village is visited by both domestic and foreign tourists. Bali's distinctive crafts, such as silver items in Celuk, are highly sought after by tourists.

As a renowned village, Celuk has become a tour destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Besides witnessing silver craftsmen at work, visitors can also purchase unique souvenirs from the island of Bali. Celuk Village is open every day from morning until evening and even at night.

Tourists not only have the opportunity to observe but can also actively participate in the creation of silver jewelry through the Silver Class program. Travelers can design and make their own silver jewelry in a traditional manner, guided by experienced silver craftsmen.

In the Silver Class program, tourists will be taken through the process of making silver jewelry from start to finish within a specific duration. The various stages include design selection, melting pure silver, jewelry creation, and the final polishing to achieve a sparkling finish. All these processes are done manually or in a traditional manner. In the Silver Class program, tourists can create silver jewelry items such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, brooches, and various other types of jewelry.


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