Silver Making Class Celuk Village Bali, Learn How to Become Beginner Silversmith

When visiting Bali what is most activity that pique your interests? Well, some of us might getting bored just sightseeing around beach. If you are one of them, then its time to change the itinerary. Try something completely new like joining silver making class in traditional village Celuk, Bali.

This place located in Gianyar Regency, one of the most popular places for vacation in island of gods. Here in a peaceful village you’ll learn about how to make a beautiful and artistic silver ring, gold jawelry making, and more.

Relax no need to feel nervous, you’ll be guided by professional craftmanship. They’re friendly and speaking english, it will make you easier to ask for the guidance and step-by-step silver making from the scratch.

Silver Making Class Celuk Village Bali

Want to know more about this unique activity while visiting Bali?

Let’s take a look deeper into sliver making class and what makes you need to try this creative vacation experience by!

Why You Should Try Silver Making Class in Celuk Bali?

If it's your first time to experience a silver making class, you'll want to know what makes this activity worth trying.

1.      Offers Whole New Experience

Lots of people go to Bali enjoying the beach scenery or just a relaxing staycation in luxurious resorts. However, these activities are all too common would you agree?

Yes, sometimes what we need is something new, something different. Because if we understand, the island of the gods is not only known for its beautiful islands.

Let's not forget about the culture and creativity of the local people. The jewellery making class is one of the recommended options for those of you who want to try a new holiday sensation of being a silver and gold craftsman just like the locals.

2.      Learning About Rich Culture

Sliver ring making class is one part of the rich and impressive local wisdom and culture. Some parts of Indonesia such as Bali have traditions like this that are still thriving in the community.

The good news is that this culture and craft activity is not closed to outsiders. You and your family can learn about this unique activity of making rings and jewellery from silver and gold.

This kind of experience is often become one of the most unforgettable moments. Not only is it a great way to spend your holiday, but you will also learn new skills as a novice craftsman.

3.      Beginner Friendly, Easy to Learn

You might think that learning to make silver jewellery is a difficult thing to do, yes? In fact, it's not, by paying attention to the direction and guidance of professional craftsmen, everything will be just fine.

Learn How to Become Beginner Silversmith

As we said above, you don't need any skills to try this activity. The key is the willingness to learn and keep trying again and again. Because it is done casually, silver making class are suitable for both young people and adults.

Which Silver Making Class That Suitable For You? provides various types of training for tourists at a fairly affordable price. Here are some class package options that you can choose, kindly decide it according to your preferences.

  • Single Silversmith Class

Silver making class for 1 person. You can get 7 grams of silver material per person to make crafts. A professional craftsman will teach one craft design in about 2 hours.

Price: starts from IDR.450k/person

  • Couple Silver Class

The silver class is for two people, we would recommend this class package for couples. Just imagine how romantic it would be if you and your loved one could make a beautiful ring together. Each person can get 7 grams of silver per person, you will be taught to make rings with the same design, class duration around 2 hours.

Price: starts from IDR 850k/2 person

  • Full Day Silver Class

Do you think 2 hours is too short to learn how to make a silver ring? Don't worry, we have a longer class. The full day silver class is 6 hours long, and each person will receive 15 grams of silver. Expert craftsmen will teach you how to create two different designs.

Price: IDR 1200k/person

Important note: Prices are subject to change at any time. Contact us to get the latest prices, if you need another silver making class package, contact admin


Why Choose Us Among Others?

Good questions, as a tourists its normal if you want to get the best service and experience learning silver craft comfortably. Therefore, here are a number of advantages that we offers for you. This make us standout among other silver ring workshop.

1.      Guarantee Silver Replacement

As a beginner, it is possible to make mistakes in making rings or other types of jewellery. Materials may get damaged or colours may fade during the crafting process.

If this happens, we provide material replacement guarantee without any additional cost. So, no need to worry, after all you are here to learn something new. We want to provide a comfortable experience especially for beginners.

2.      Completed Inclusions

In addition, we also provide complete class packages with some of the needs of travellers. Here are some of the packages included in our silver making class:

  • Each person can get a minimum of 2.5 grams - 7 grams of silver
  • Snacks included
  • Mineral water
  • Welcome drink
  • Comfortable workshop and its tools
  • Wi-Fi Connection

3.      Professional Craftmans Ready to Teach You

Last but not least, the craftsman of is one of the local people who is already professional and experienced in his field. In addition, he is also able to teach the tourists well.

Take it easy, the craftsmen are not grumpy they will teach you in a friendly manner. Having trouble understanding the basic techniques in making rings or other jewellery? Do not hesitate to ask again or ask the craftsman to give an example, so you can better understand the beginner craft techniques.

That's all the explanation about silver making class in Celuk Village, Bali. We hope you can come here soon, for more information about booking system and its payment you can contact dmin, thank you.


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